When it comes to IT, Dave Hardy is a font of knowledge, and then some. He first discovered his fascination for computers when he was twelve, in the computer room at school. Over the years that followed, the fascination turned to passion and a lifelong career from the dot.com pioneers to today’s cloud-based computing systems.

Always happy to offer advice, Dave would rather hear from you BEFORE you invest in a new piece of IT hardware, than after you’ve purchased it only to find that it doesn’t perform the way you were told it would in the shop.

Dave will always go the extra mile for his customers and will be honest and up front with his charging – even taking your equipment back to Five Computing HQ to set up and install software if that offers a more cost-effective solution than being on site.

Since March 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic, remote support contracts have become commonplace for our clients, offering peace of mind for you and your team when working from home or in the office.

When he’s not fixing computers, Dave is an avid reader and PC gamer. He also enjoys watching F1 MotoGP and cricket.

A word of advice: his nickname is Dave The Cake, so if you need a site visit, a quick trip to the bakery aisle may go down well!