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Five From Five: I.T Tips For New Start-Ups


Starting your own business can be an incredibly exciting time. It can be challenging. It can keep you awake at night. It can also be very expensive if you get things wrong.

Before you launch yourself like a bull in a China shop headlong into the world of business ownership, take a step back and think about these five elements of your IT set-up.

Please, please, please don’t just jump in the car to the nearest computer superstore (you know the one – they wear purple shirts!), then rush home and log straight in to Go Wix 123 Daddy or any of the other self-build web platforms.

Things to think about:

  1. What do you need your IT kit to do? PCs and laptops are like cars – they come in different price ranges and have a breadth of capabilities. Expensive doesn’t necessarily mean the best, just as cheaper models won’t necessarily be a rubbish investment. It all depends on what your business needs are for the PC/laptop you’re planning to buy. If you’re unsure of what you need, always ask an expert – not a weekend sales assistant who will be driven by commission on sales.
  1. If you’re having a website, think about your URL. Keep it simple – bear in mind that other people are going to have to find it, and at some point you’re going to be asked what your web address is. Short and to the point, related to your business is the easiest path to follow. Also, avoid acronyms: Tamworth Internet Training dot co dot uk would never work as an acronym …….
  1. Once you’ve sorted out your url, create your bespoke email addresses. There’s nothing more off-putting to potential clients than a .gmail, .outlook, .yahoo etc email address. An email address that matches your website and business name carries far more credibility.
  1. Email and web Assuming you weren’t lured into the world of Go Wix 123 Daddy, and you’ve got a professional web designer to create your new site, you’re going to need hosting for your emails and website. At Five Computing we always advise against hosting with the self-build sites. Should something go wrong, such as your website going offline or problems with your email account, it can be an impossible task to get through to any technical help, costing you time and frustration. Self-build sites can also work out expensive for hosting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!
  1. Cloud backup. Once you’re up and running, make a cloud backup your priority. With so much malware, trojan viruses and ransomware attacks on the loose, a cloud backup could save your business if you become a victim of cybercrime. Hackers and cyber-criminals are not fussy who they target. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are a potential target. In 2021, cybercrime cost the UK economy £27 billion. Whilst sorting out your cloud backup, invest in cyber insurance too – but buy from a reputable broker so that you know what you’re covered for.

If you’re reading this blog with a heavy heart, don’t panic! At Five Computing we can help with all five points, from advising on what PC/laptop to buy to setting up your email address and cloud backup. Additionally, with an extensive network of associates, we can also signpost you to reputable web designers and insurance brokers.

Don’t make any expensive mistakes. Get in touch with us at for advice that’s not based on sales commission!