Business IT support


Peace Of Mind For Your Business

For many small businesses, having a dedicated in-house IT Department is an expensive luxury – but not having provision in place for when your IT goes wrong can be even more costly. And that’s why Five Computing is the answer for many small businesses across Staffordshire and the West Midlands.

Our client base covers everyone from solopreneurs who work from home to businesses with up to thirty staff, across a range of sectors.


As your business grows and technologies change, you will need to keep up – or you’re in danger of getting left behind. Our consultancy service includes a visit to your premises to review your IT set-up, machine by machine. We’ll listen to what issues you’re experiencing and report back on our findings for your business going forward.

We also offer advice to our clients before they invest in new equipment or software. It’s all too easy to be blinded by the sales pitch – but often, the salesperson isn’t an end-user. For your peace of mind, we’ll make sure that any new equipment will be fit for purpose and that software packages will integrate with each other – BEFORE you part with your cash in the store. A bargain laptop is nothing more than a white elephant if it doesn’t do what you need it to do.


Your very own IT Department for when things don’t go according to plan. Support services also include instigating the findings from our Consultancy service. Many clients opt for an annual support contract – onsite, remote or a hybrid mix. Ad hoc IT support is also available on request.

Typical support services include (but are not limited to) software upgrades, system health checks, PC/laptop spring clean, ad hoc troubleshooting, and installation of new equipment.

Remote support is the favoured and more cost-effective option – and will save you having to get the cakes in if Dave isn’t on site!

Web & Email Hosting

There’s nothing more frustrating than not knowing why your website is down or you’re not receiving emails – and not being able to get hold of your web host. Equally, getting through to your web host and then being bamboozled by tech jargon that goes straight over your head can make matters worse!

Five Computing monitors the status of your website and email, ensuring minimal downtime to your business should anything go awry. And if it does, we’re there to sort it out for you without you needing to worry about doing something out of your comfort zone in a language that you may not necessarily understand.

Cloud Services

Chances are, you keep hearing about “the cloud” but what exactly is it? Cloud services give you the ability to access your files wherever you are in the world. It’s a much more secure storage option than saving your files to a memory stick which can easily get lost or corrupted.

We can also look after your secure off-site back-up, which is something completely different to cloud access, but often confused with being the same thing. We recommend a cloud back-up for all of our clients – and yes, they’ve thanked us when they’ve needed to access lost files!

Disaster Recovery

One accidental click of a mouse can be catastrophic for your business, and scammers are getting more advanced by the day. Then there’s the phenomenon of disappearing files – they’re there one day and gone the next.

Don’t panic!

Having a back-up in place is always a good starting point for data recovery but sometimes system re-sets are required, followed by a deep dive to rid your machine of any ransomware, computer viruses and trojans.

In the event of your machine dying on you, again, there’s no need to panic as your files may not necessarily be lost. In most cases, assuming that we can still access the hard drive of your machine, we’ll recover whatever we can for you.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above for your business, get in touch and let’s have a chat.