Home IT support



As well as looking after businesses, we work with home users when they need IT support. Always on hand at the end of the phone or email, there’s no premium rate number to call and no need to spend hours on hold waiting for an advisor. We promise there’ll be no chatbots either!

From home hobbyists to busy families living an online life, we’re here when you need us.

Help & Advice

In the modern family, the majority of us rely on streaming. Gaming, on-demand films and TV shows, social media ….. all of which can slow down your system and become a constant frustration. We’ll look at your home set-up and advise if there are ways to improve your speeds, making for a better user-experience.

If you’re considering buying new tech equipment for the home, we’d love to speak to you first. Tell us what you want the new PC/laptop to do and your budget, and we’ll be happy to recommend something that does the job. Likewise, with kids heading off to university, we’re always on hand to advise on what laptop will tick all the boxes – hopefully without breaking the bank.

We can also help with issues such as syncing your emails across all your devices and installing new software.



You’ve taken the plunge and have a new PC at home. Now what? We’ll happily come out and set your new equipment up for you and instal software if needed.


IT Equipment MOT

Slow-running machines, PCs that take an age to boot up, strange grinding or whirring noises from your laptop ….? All of these can usually be diagnosed and fixed with an MOT. Just like a car, your IT equipment needs to be looked after. A twice-yearly spring clean can make all the difference to how your machine runs. We will also advise if you need things such as a memory upgrade (SSD) or new graphics card.

The older your machines become, the more TLC they’ll need.

Just because you’re a home user, there’s no need to feel left out in the cold. We’re only a call away.